Event Video Recording

Producing an event video recording is about creating an experience. Moreover it is about capturing the spirit and character for those who did not attend.

Video magnifies the power of an event, allowing it to reach out to an audience long after it has finished. But what happens after the event has finished? An event video recording offers it a second life, as well as a great ROI. Whilst holding an event requires significant time, effort and money, replaying a video recording of it is far more economical.

Event videos provide a lot of great promotional material to attract sponsors and attendees for future projects. Whilst there’s nothing than can ever truly replace actually being at an event, there are many things a live video recording can do to capture the experience.

West Point Media are experts in filming live events from sporting competitions, corporate awards, conferences, theatre productions and much more. Ranging from single camera setups to multi-cam operations, we guarantee to document your piece of history to a professional standard.

Our staff are experienced with a variety of live events ranging from live television broadcasts to intimate product launches.

We have a complete mobile production unit which allows us to shoot, edit, sound mix, colour grade and encode the recording of your event with titles and motion graphics to you needs. Consequently, our setup allows for an incredibly flexible work process. Events can be recorded and delivered on the day, taken back to our facilities for further tweaking or broadcast live on the internet.

Without doubt events can inspire and unite a passionate audience around something they really care about. The can excite, titillate or scare them out of their wits. Or they can make the ponder and reflect about what truly matters to them. This is what makes live events so amazing to work on. And that why we’re so enthusiastic about making every event we produce look spectacular.

Whether you need a video for a small stage production, gala corporate event or a multi-day conference, we would love to work with you.

Event video recording offers an exciting opportunity to share your message with a wider, possibly global audience. Contact us today to learn more about how.