Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become such a dynamic force in internet marketing that SEO specialists have developed, adopted, and discarded several techniques over the years to achieve the coveted top rankings on search engine pages. After all, SEO success is important to promoting a company online. Some of the most popular techniques employed by SEO practitioners in the past, however, have prompted Google to constantly change its algorithms to discourage what has been known as “black hat” practices.

Cheryl Conner, contributor, discusses these changes:

“Since February 2011, in fact, Google has released 25 updates that affect its website content quality algorithm known as Panda. Other include website layout and the devaluation of generic product or service keywords in the domain name known as the ‘EMD’ (Exact Match Domain) update. Examples of a domain that would have been devalued by the EMD update would be or, in an effort to take away the ‘unfair advantage’ of hits to a company whose name precisely matches the generic search term it answers.”

As the article says, the changes to Google’s algorithm are geared toward giving better value to users who go online in search of useful information. Unfortunately, link building techniques of old were designed simply to manipulate Google’s algorithm instead of providing consumers with relevant content. The constant updates to the search engine’s algorithms are meant to discourage such techniques from flourishing again. These changes require vigilance and intense work from businesses, making the services of a capable digital marketing consultant in Perth invaluable.

How a Trusted Perth Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow

The advent of social media has added a new dimension to SEO practices. Another report from Forbes states that Facebook, with around 1.15 billion users to date, and Google+, with 343 million monthly users and rising, are expected to dominate the social media scene in 2014. The power of social media is also reflected in a February 2014 report from Nielsen showing that smartphone users in major global markets spend a large majority (24% to 29%) of their time in social media sites.

Social media is now utilised to advertise products and services, and as a platform to gather feedback from existing and potential customers. In fact, the volume of customer feedback on social media sites now greatly contribute to a company’s SEO success.

In conjuction with Google’s new algorithms, the success of social media marketing depends greatly on current and updated content. This is something many companies may not have the resources nor the expertise to manage. Local businesses that wish to optimise their presence on social media sites would do well to enlist the services of a leading Perth social media marketing firm like West Point Media.

(Source: The 5 Top SEO And Online Marketing Trends For 2014, Forbes, 21, December, 2013)


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