Induction Video Productions

Streamline people into your workplace with increased participation and improved job performance.

It’s often daunting entering a workplace you’re not familiar with. There’s new people meet, a new environment to familiarise yourself with and new policies to learn. To make this process as easy as possible you need an effective induction strategy. An induction video is a great way to welcome new staff, consultants, and contractors to your business. With a friendly video introduction they’ll be able to see the people they’ll be working with, the environment they’ll be working in and learn what is expected of them.

Induction video production requires a great eye for detail. Even the slightest error can have a significant impact on a production, which is why you need an experienced team to deliver video training products. West Point Media have worked on numerous induction videos across Perth, ranging from industrial sites to commercial offices. With our 16 years of experience we know the ins and outs of producing an effective and affordable induction video

A popular way to provide cost-effective staff training

Perhaps what makes induction video training so powerful is they educate people on company policy and procedure in a relaxed, absorbing way. Furthermore, it does this in the most efficient manner possible. Video learning has been consistently found to be the most effective way to teach people.

First of all, training videos are a far more practical way to demonstrate any process or procedure. This results in inductees having a far greater understanding of training material if they watch it on video. This flows on to other aspects of the learning process. Ideas are understood at a quicker pace and the information is retained to a much higher degree. Employees performing their duties correctly is essential to the success of any business. When so much relies on the skills of your workforce it is imperative to provide the best training possible for them.

Another reason videos are so effective is because they provide a consistent platform to build an induction program. Video provides a dependable, uniform message every time. It covers items with the same emphasis and detail. It’s never in a bad mood. It never has a bad day. And it never forgets to mention anything, ever. Consistent training leads to consistent employee performance. And also means employees assimilate quicker and more effectively into the workplace.

Long-term Return on Investment

Thirdly, video training provides a fantastic long-term ROI. Trainers are expensive to deploy. If they are staff members who work at the site, productivity is affected as they are not able to perform their usual tasks. And if they are brought in from an external source (such as company training team or third party contractor) the costs can be quite steep. By contrast, video training is generally a one-off cost (with the exception of updates; which are usually spaced out over long periods). So video training has low ongoing costs and manpower requirements once produced.

Induction videos are also a great tool for re-educating existing staff members. Whilst induction processes are usually aimed at new employees and contractors, they can also help existing staff brush up on their company knowledge. This can be particularly beneficial if a company revises its policies, products or procedures.

Finally, induction video productions are incredibly robust and flexible. They can be accessed anywhere (such as remote locations), viewed on a variety of devices (even in the comfort of home), scaled to suit (they can be shown to a class of 1 to 100 without losing any effectiveness) and customised to suit (such as broken down into smaller segments). This kind of flexibility is unparalleled to tradition forms of training. Resulting in a more cost effective program that is better suited to your company’s needs.

All workplaces are governed by laws and regulations. Whilst they may not be interesting, they’re nonetheless incredibly important. Our training videos make sure your employees are safely trained in anything from emergency procedures to how to correctly pick up boxes. If you want to learn how to create a streamlined induction training program contact one of our friendly staff today to learn how.