The Audi R8, with its 4.2-litre V8 engine, six-speed stick shift, all-wheel drive, is a definite looker inside and outside. As featured on Autoblog, the German carmaker initiated a Twitter campaign in 2011 with the hashtag “#WantAnR8.” All participants had to do was send Audi a tweet explaining why they deserved to be behind the wheel of its flagship supercar.

Perth SEO Company Explains How Audi's R8 Promo Serves as an SEO Model

Eight winners eventually got the chance to drive the R8 for a day. The marketing campaign became a huge hit; since then, the hashtag #WantAnR8 has been used over 75,000 times.

For SEO experts like Daniel Cristo, this raises an interesting question regarding marketing in general. The current focus of SEO is creating unique content, but is the focus really justified in the social media age? With consumer attention spans getting shorter as a result of too many distractions, it becomes evident that any online marketing strategy should hook target audiences in more ways than one.

Earning Trust
The #WantAnR8 campaign lived up to its name (although it doesn’t get the winner a free R8). In 2011, an avid Audi devotee from Washington, D.C. got the chance to drive an R8 for one day and quickly fell in love with the sports car. Cristo describes it as an effort to develop mutual trust between the seller and a potential customer.

You have your own definition of trust, Google has its own; but they share the same idea. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts point out that links to credible sources, terms and conditions, and videos, among other things, help determine the trustworthiness of a webpage. Organic rankings, experts say, is built on relevance and trust.

Audi’s contest succeeded as a marketing campaign due to the achievement of three key factors–surprise, audience, and technology. In this regard, a Perth SEO company like West Point Media makes sure to maximise the resources available when creating an online marketing strategy.

First, know your target audience. This pro tip is a staple not just in SEO but also in marketing as a whole.

Second, devise a plan so ingenious that it’s worth going viral. You don’t see many carmakers offering their supercars for a one-day ownership promo.

Lastly, use technology to your advantage. In Audi’s case, it was Twitter.

As a final note, Cristo reiterates that social media won’t spell the death of unique content. However, quality web content alone won’t be enough. Make unique content a reality to give potential customers an experience they’ll never forget. In the end, when it comes to effective SEO in Perth, establishing adequate trust pays off in the form of positive feedback and customer loyalty.

(Source: “Audi’s #WantAnR8 Twitter ad campaign returns,” Autoblog)


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