Promotional Videos

Building your brand to maximum effect

If you want to promote your company, product or service, promotional videos are undoubtedly the most effective way to do just that. Complex messages are often hard to communicate with written words, even with diagrams and photographs. By contrast, video immediately brings your message to life in a way the audience can easily understand and remember.

A promotional video can be in the form of a TV commercial or DVD, but are more commonly found on the web. They are often posted on websites, shared on social media, attached to emails, and used as ads on YouTube. And that’s not to mention the chance of it going viral, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers for free.

We love to create videos that sit perfectly on top of any sales funnel. Videos that build awareness and leads for your company. We have produced promotional videos for a diverse range of clients to achieve a wide variety of objectives. Working with businesses of all sizes has seen us deliver the same high quality video regardless of scale or budget. And all while offering some of the best prices in the industry.

Promotional Videos are fast becoming the defacto way companies communicate with their clients

Promotional Videos are a great way to engage with your clients. They are a simple and effective way to communicate. They connect with clients better than any other medium, which in turn leads them to share your message with others. And they instantly give your business a high value perception.

Because of the abundance of promotional videos found on the web businesses can no longer ignore online video marketing. Online video production will account for more than a third of online advertising spent within five years (Borrell Associates Annual Benchmarking Results). But rather than being a pitfall for modern day businesses, this presents an enormous opportunity. Video evens the playing field so brands of any size can compete. Obviously the advantage is still with larger companies, but creative marketing (in the form of promotional videos) allows us to reach customers that they couldn’t just a few years ago.

A promotional video offers so much opportunity. When placed in the right channels they can provide tremendous help for businesses to grow and gain popularity. For something so cost effective and simple, we expect more and more businesses will continue to turn to promotional videos for their marketing needs. If you’d like to be on top of this huge marketing wave contact us today to learn how.