Web Video Production & Marketing

The biggest marketing opportunity of our generation is web video.

When most people think about the growth and continual prosperity of their business they all agree the internet plays an integral part in their future. However, like it or not the internet is now all about the video. Web videos already takes up over 80% of consumer internet traffic. And experts agree this figure will only continue to grow. This unprecedented evolution in the way people communicate means if you don’t have an online presence that includes some form of web video production, you’re going to be well behind the competition.

Due to the sheer volume of web video, getting yours in front of an audience is becoming increasingly challenging. With so much white noise your video needs to be absorbing and memorable to get the results you’re after.

A striking video can engage people more effectively than any other medium. So it would be a wasted opportunity if it got lost in the internet ether. With over 100,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every day, you can’t expect your video to get more than a dozen views if you’re not uploading and promoting it correctly.

We maximise the chance of getting your video seen by uploading it with the correct meta tags, mark-up languages, keyword phrases and target parameters. Doing this will increase search engine ranking and driving more viewers to your videos. We also utilise effective paid advertising channels to further maximise your video’s reach. This might sound technical, but it is the difference between a video that goes unnoticed and one that sets the internet on fire.

With internet speeds ever increasing, video has become an integral part of the web. It is no longer a novelty to have video on your website or blog, it is now an essential element.

We’ve realised the impact online video will play in today’s business environment for some time now. And that is why we were one of the first video production companies in Perth to deliver a specialised video production and marketing service.

Any business video, be it on YouTube, Facebook or CDN must speak to your target market to get results. To do this we must present them in the right way to avoid viewers clicking to another site. We know exactly how to create the type of engaging content that will speak to your ideal customers. What length, layout and playback features will get the highest viewing stats. What presentation style connects best with viewers. And what calls to action are most effective.

You’ve probably already seen several web videos you like. Perhaps you have an idea or vague notion of the type you want to create. Why not give us a call and find out what kind of amazing web content we can create for you.